Wednesday Links, and an epiphany

I’m still catching up and catching my breath after the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans. I’m always re-energized and inspired by this conference, by meeting with new (or new to me) writers, catching up with old friends, and talking about all things bookish. (And eating way too much Cajun food.) My to-read list has expanded, including Carol Rosenfeld’s novel The One That Got Away, and Fiona Riley’s debut, Miss Match.

And as I’d hoped, I came away with an idea for a story of my own, about a tree and an astronaut, which I’m looking forward to writing as soon as I finish a few other things. I also had an epiphany about the YA novel, Prophecy Boy. I’ve been writing it from Jamie’s point of view almost by default, and I started getting a nagging idea that maybe this isn’t his story anymore; at least, not exclusively. It’s Sarah’s, too. And that’s going to require a lot of rewriting and a lot of new material in the second draft, but that seems to have been the case with all of my previous novels, so no big surprise there. It also means that tentative title, Prophecy Boy, will have to change.

Anyway, I’d tell you more, but…

Spoilers, sweetie

Right! On with what I’m reading this week:

There are two new stories up at Little Fiction:  “Chimera” by Mallory Tater and “Sneaker Waves” by Kelsey Robbins Lauder. Go check ‘em out!

Congratulations to fellow MFA grad Adrick Brock for making the CBC Short Story Prize longlist!

Edmund White has a new novel out, Our Young Man, reviewed by Dan Lopez at Lambda Literary. I can’t wait to read it.