Hi, I’m Jeffrey.

Cover for the book "The Unwanted"(But you can call me Jeff, or Jeffrey, or hey you).

I’m a writer. You knew that, yes? I wrote that book over there on the right → (unless you’re on your phone, in which case I wrote that book down there ↓). It’s a young adult fantasy (click the cover to read an excerpt), and I’m working on a sequel. Yes, really.

Buy it direct from Bold Strokes Books or order it via Indiebound and support your local bookstore!

Hey, give me your email address.

I know, that’s a pretty bold ask, right? “But we just met, Jeff.” Yes, but I like you and if you like my work, I want to send you stuff (like more stories) and tell you before everyone else when new books will be available. Just click the link below to get started. (I promise not to be spammy or weird.*)

OK, Jeff. Send me stuff.

*Actually, I’m totally weird, as you can probably tell from this page. But it’s the good kind of weird. I hope.