Jeffrey Ricker, writer

Jeffrey Ricker, writerHi, I’m Jeffrey. (But you can call me Jeff, or Jeffrey, or hey you.) I’m a queer writer of young adult fiction (and, every once in a while, fiction for grownups) that primarily centers LGBTQ+ characters and their lives.

I write the kinds of stories I love to read, and the stories that I had a hard time finding when I was a teenager fumbling my way through the world. (Still fumbling my way, in case you were wondering.)

Everyone deserves to be seen and to feel that their stories are being told. Sound like you? Then you’re in the right place.

While I’m working on my third novel, please check out  my other books as well as the short stories and essays that you can read for free right now. Want more? Sign up for my newsletter below. ⬇️