Want to say hello? Say hello!

The best way to get ahold of me is by email (jeffrey @ jeffrey-ricker . com)*. Each one will be personally answered by yours truly. Really me. Not some staff of semi-trained monkeys working for bananas and throwing poop. Because who can afford poop-throwing monkeys?** (Seriously, they charge extra for that.)

Hey, give me your email address.

I know, that’s a pretty bold ask, right? “But we just met, Jeff.” Yes, but I like you and if you like my work, I want to send you stuff (like more stories) and tell you before everyone else when new books will be available. Just fill in your email address below and click the button to get started. (I promise not to be spammy or weird.***)

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Other ways to contact me….

Twitter: rickerje

You can add me on Goodreads here: Jeffrey on Goodreads

Contact options coming soon: telepathy, cloud patterns

*Just remove the spaces, which are there because the internet is full of evil, nasty people who like to send you random spam if you post your email address on the web. But will I send you spam? Nosireebob. But I will send you a reply. Unless you don’t want a response, of course, or say something really rude, such as “you smell like a poop-throwing monkey.” Or “Kylie Minogue isn’t all that great” (BLASPHEMY). Or “But her emails….” (Seriously, do NOT go there.)

**If you can afford poop-throwing monkeys, consider also buying a copy of one of my books. Maybe someday I too will be able to afford poop-throwing monkeys. Because we all need aspirations.

***Actually, I’m totally weird, but in the good way. I hope.