Stories and Essays


Stories labeled with an asterisk can be read online for free—just click the links and you’ll be on your way! (Let me know what you think of them.)

At the End of the Leash/Fool for Love, Cleis Press, 2008

Blackout/Night Shadows: Queer HorrorBold Strokes Books, 2012

Charlotte’s Mother/The Saturday Evening Post, 2019*

Harvest (excerpt from a novel in progress/Embark Literary Journal, 2019*

Maternal Instincts/Untreed Reads, 2011

The Monster Under My Bed/Pidgeonholes, 2019*

Multiverse/Phoebe Journal, 2017

Murder on the Midway/Men of the Mean Streets, Bold Strokes Books, 2011

New Normal/Untreed Reads, 2010

Peripheral/UNBUILDwalls journal, 2016

Scorned/The Lavender Menace: Tales of Queer Villainy, Northwest Press, 2013

Shepherd/Foglifter Journal, 2017

Sixty-six/CHEAP POP, 2019*

Snowblind/The Bears of Winter, Bear Bones Books, 2014 (Lambda Literary Finalist)

Straightening Up/Untreed Reads, 2012

Tea/Foolish Hearts, Cleis Press, 2014 (Lambda Literary Finalist)

The Visitor/Collective Fallout magazine, vol. 1, issue 2, 2009*

You Ride the Bus/The Citron Review, Spring 2016*


Looking For Bigfoot/Little Fiction*

The Trouble with Billy/Speaking Out, Bold Strokes Books, 2011*

Erotica (These stories may be a little (or a lot) NC-17; reader discretion advised!)

The Key Ingredient/The Dirty Diner, Bold Strokes Books, 2012

Finish Line/Sweat, Bold Strokes Books, 2012

Landfall/Wings, Bold Strokes Books, 2011

Lifeblood/Blood Sacraments, Bold Strokes Books, 2009

Mount Olympus/Riding the Rails, Bold Strokes Books, 2011

The Last Goodbye/Anything for a Dollar, Bold Strokes Books, 2013

Satan Takes A Holiday/Raising Hell, Bold Strokes Books, 2012


How to Make a Soufflé in 38 Easy Steps/Aftertastes

Operation: Baby/A Family by Any other Name, TouchWood Editions, 2014 (Lambda Literary Award Finalist)

What If?/The Other Man, JMS Books, 2013

Dakota/Paws and Reflect, Alyson Books, 2007