Three Left Turns to Nowhere

“I could try to count the number of times I found myself smiling at a geeky exchange or adorable moment, but there were too many. Ricker also does a wonderful job setting up the shared world in which these stories operate.”

Author Anthony Cardno

The Final Decree

“I kind of hope there is a prequel and sequel to The Final Decree, because Ricker has created a galaxy and a cast that I feel is way worth exploring!”

Author Cait Gordon

I loved that Jeffrey Ricker wrote this book about a gay man trying to get an intergalactic divorce and cross-breeds it with commentary about wealth, colonization, and how we move on.

Author David R. Slayton

“I think the snark factor between the characters is sort of the best thing ever.”

Author ’Nathan Burgoine

The Unwanted

“Ricker’s prose transports readers into the world of bullies and redemption, love and loss, and prophecies and being the chosen one. Readers are also treated to Jamie’s snarky comments throughout the book–which left this reviewer laughing out loud.”

Reviewed by Ruth Compton at the ALA’s GLBT Reviews

“Ricker has crafted a wonderfully satisfying story that not only does his love of Wonder Woman justice, but brings the Amazon myth alive for an entirely new audience. He draws back the bow. He shoots. And he scores.”

Reviewed by Jerry Wheeler at Out in Print

“Ricker takes some overwhelming risks with characters and story at the end that I believe give this read a unique touch. Highly recommended!”

Reviewed by Hilcia at Impressions of a Reader

“(R)eaders familiar with the Greek myths will enjoy this re-imagining of them in our world, as will anyone who enjoys a well-crafted story.”

Reviewed by Keith Glaeske at Chelsea Station


“(W)ell written and witty, and encouraging to those who sometimes feel like fate seems to have an endless number of detours to happiness.”

Reviewed by Bob Lind in Echo Magazine

“Take a fun RV road trip with Joel and his ‘frenemy’ Lincoln as they travel from Maine to San Francisco. But this is no ordinary trip because Joel is accompanied by the ghost of his recently deceased mother, who teaches him a few things about life and love.”

Recommended by Ellen Bosman in Library Journal