Who made 40 fabulous?

My 40th, to be precise? Well, Jodi did.

Actually, a lot of people, friends and family and co-workers, made this a wonderful weekend. First and foremost of course was the big guy, Mike, who helped organize the nice shindig we had at the house on Saturday afternoon. Then there are Scott and Jay, my friends from Indianapolis who came into town with their adorable beagle Lucy and spent the weekend. And then there’s Jodi, who flew in with her boyfriend Dave from the fabulous city of New York and brought her own special brand of fabulosity with her.

I have not been looking forward to 40. Entering my fifth decade has just made me realize how much more I want to accomplish. True, this life is not a race and I’m not operating on a definite schedule, but there is a finish line, and I can’t see it but I know there is so much ground I want to cover between here and there.

I’d better get a move on.

3 thoughts on “Who made 40 fabulous?

  1. Snaps to Jay for his ability to arrange cheeses, chocolates, and fruits into pleasing patterns. I had no idea that our table would look so pretty by the time our guests arrived. It couldn’t have gone better … and I couldn’t have asked for better friends to be there helping us celebrate. 🙂

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