Day Eighteen

Your favorite birthday

My second favorite was 30, sitting in my dining room with my friends gathered around from various different parts of my life as I was about to blow out the candles on a cake, I realized how lucky I was to have all of them under one roof, at last.

My favorite was last year, 40, with a group of friends even larger and just as dear to me. This time the gathering was organized by my other half and themed around two of my favorite things in life: chocolate and cheese. And the cake was shaped like the TARDIS.

One thought on “Day Eighteen

  1. Your 30th ranks as one of MY favorites as well. That was when I finally noticed you! 🙂 I can remember thinking “damn, he looks REALLY good for 30!” Because, ya know, I was 28 and so 30 was a big deal. Ahh youth!

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