Missing in action, or “Bears of Winter” audiobook giveaway

(For the giveaway, skip all the way to the bottom. But why would you want to do that? Am I not witty and engaging? Yeah, don’t answer that.)

What on earth have I been doing lately? A lot of scrambling, and I don’t mean eggs. (Oh, suddenly I’m hungry. I’m writing this before breakfast. Hang on.)

Okay, that’s better. What was I saying? Oh, right. Scrambling. Anyway, this past weekend was Lit in the Lou, an inaugural book festival for St. Louis—and I’ll just go on record at this point as not liking the nickname that’s been chosen for this city, “The Lou.” Frankly, whenever I hear it, it sounds to me like “The Loo” and I think people are equating the city with a toilet.

Mind you, given how the city is showing itself to be a cesspit of racism lately, so you’d be forgiven for thinking the comparison is apt.

But anyway, the festival was fun, even if the weather (it was cold and cloudy) kept people away from an outdoor event like this. I took part in a panel on queer writing (which we kinda hijacked and talked a lot about queer YA at the end) and another on what makes a great short story. I talked about the late Grace Paley, because she’s completely awesome. Read “Wants,” if you haven’t before. I was also really stoked about that panel because one of my former writing teachers, Murray Farish, was on it. He’s got a book of stories out called Inappropriate Behavior, which is worth it for the title alone, but it’s also dead good.

The Bears of WinterSpeaking of short stories, as you know I have a story in the gay anthology The Bears of Winter. Did you know there’s an audiobook version? Well, now you do. And I’m giving away a copy! Leave a comment here between now and Saturday, October 18, for a chance to win (obviously, this means you can’t leave an anonymous comment). I’ll pick a commenter at random and pretty soon you’ll be listening to hot stories about cold fuzzy guys.

How I went from Grace Paley to bear fiction in the same post, I’ll never know….