Slow down, cowpoke—plus, an interview with (you guessed it) me

Sometimes life tells you that maybe, maybe you’re trying to do a little too much all at once? I think that may have been the case with me the past couple weeks. When you get that message? Let me tell you: Listen to it. Three nights of skull-crushing headaches later due to an apparent sinus infection (I won’t go into detail because ew, gross) and a week of miserable allergy symptoms meant that I got about this much done this week:


Say hi to Slim and Nun.

I seem to recall getting this birthday card at some point in my life. Also, I never pass up a chance at a pun. Anyway, moving on!

A little while ago I was interviewed by Ghanian writer and blogger Geosi Gyasi for his website Geosi Reads. Check it out! He’s also interviewed a couple authors you may already have heard of if you hang around me long enough: the delightful Ruth Daniell and the equally delightful Ngwatilo Mawiyoo. He’s also looking for other writers who’d be interested in talking to him for the site, so you know, get on that.

Right! I’ll have more news and stuff to share later this week, and I’m planning for something big starting next weekend, which I’ll tell you all about, but not now, because as River Song would say:

I bloody love Alex Kingston