Sunday Shorts – “Shepherd” Q&A with Jeffrey Ricker

Hey, my friend ’Nathan asked me a few questions about “Shepherd,” the story of mine that appeared in Foglifter magazine. He also said some darn nice things, but he’s a nice guy. He’s also a fantastic writer, so go read this and then check out his latest novel, Triad Blood.

'Nathan Burgoine

coverFoglifter Magazine

I need to offer a public mea culpa with today’s Sunday Shorts. I had intended to have this ready for release to coincide with the month of release of the magazine, Foglifter, in which the story appeared, which was—cough—last November. Then I managed to have a spectacular ice fall (among other things) and everything sort of stuttered to a stop for a bit.

But! One of the great things about great shot ficition like Ricker’s “Shepherd”? It’ll wait for you.

You should haven’t wait for Jeffrey Ricker, though, and for that I apologize.

Foglifter is a queer journal and press, but more than that. We want powerful writing, intersectional writing, that queers our perspectives; writing that explores the sometimes abject, sometimes shameful, but always honest and revelatory experience; writing that calls into question the things we believe to be true, the things we believe to be known…

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