Hump day happy, Midweek Refuel Edition

Lately I’ve felt like my tank is running kind of low, you know? Like everything I do is tired or worn out or not so fresh. So I’ve been refueling with stories, and not just the ones that I read on the page or on the screen. For the last couple years I’ve really not been watching much TV at all, but recently I binge-watched Don’t Trust the B— in Apt. 23 and am kind of hooked on Krysten Ritter, so when Netflix basically preloaded the first episode of Jessica Jones, I said why not? Yep, hooked again. It doesn’t hurt that David Tennant is also on it, even if he’s completely evil.

I also recently started watching The Flash, which is also addictive. The dialogue is frequently too on the nose, but Grant Gustin as Barry Allen is so likable.

I’m also the last person in the country to start listening to Serial, but I’m halfway through season one after starting it just a couple days ago.

Meanwhile, maybe because I have a murder mystery idea lurking in the back of my head, I was drawn to this story: a Vancouver cold case from the 1950s involving two murdered children. Likewise, the recent issue of Vanity Fair has an article about a Crufts show dog who was poisoned, and the article mentions another show dog who was basically assassinated, so that has me thinking, too. Mainly, it’s got me thinking that the world is full of horrible people, but like that’s a news flash, right?

Another story I’m adding to the to-read list is Curveball, a graphic novel reviewed by my friend Parrish Turner, whom I met at the 2014 Lambda Writers Retreat.

An interview with Kathryn Mockler and her poem “Serial Killers.” I met her in Vermont and we bonded over grad school; I enjoy how delightfully dark her work can be.

There’s an anthology coming out from Bold Strokes Books called Men in Love. I’m not in it, but it’s edited by my friend Jerry Wheeler and I think there’ll be some names in the table of contents I’ll recognize, and hopefully some happily-ever-afters to be read on the pages.

Congratulations to my friend Leah Horlick, whose book “For Your Own Good” was named a Stonewall Honour Title in Literature by the GLBT Round Table of the American Library Association!