A new story at The Citron Review

There’s a story of mine, “You Ride the Bus,” up and live now at The Citron Review for their spring issue, which features queer-themed writing:

After a while you start to take note of the drivers you encounter. There’s the one who drives very carefully when the bus is packed, and the one who drives like he’s Sandra Bullock in Speed. One always looks tired; another always looks in the mirror as if he suspects the passengers are up to something. This one’s chatty. That one plays the “please move to the rear of the bus” recording way too often.

There’s one who smiles at you whenever you get on board. He has a tattoo sleeve on his right arm; it peeks out from underneath his shirt and you wonder how far up his arm it goes, and if he has any in other places.

To read the rest, go over to The Citron Review and check it out. And be sure to take a look at all the other amazing selections (if I do say so) in this issue. Special thanks to guest editor Seth Fischer, who selected my story for publication and for the incredibly generous things he said about it in his editor’s note.