Flash Fiction Draw for July 2021

It’s the first Monday of the month, which means it’s time for the July Flash Fiction Draw writing prompt. And clearly I’m leaving it until the very last minute this time, aren’t I? But better late than never, right? Besides, we’re grown-ass adults and we can make our own rules. So if I say, for instance, that we can have until next Tuesday instead of next Monday to finish our stories, that’s all fine and dandy, isn’t it?

All in favor? Motion carries. Moving on!

(As always, if you want to skip the preamble, you can click here and go right to the good stuff.)

In the spirit of making our own rules, I also came to a decision this month: if there’s anything I can’t stand more than listening to myself talk, it’s listening to myself talk and watching my face make all kinds of weird expressions. So, starting this month I’m ditching the videos. Hardly anyone watches them anyway. And I don’t blame you one bit.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s where we stand so far—the grayed-out boxes are the prompt elements we’ve already used:

Card drawnGenreSettingObject
1RomanceSpaceshipRay gun
2Science FictionRestaurant kitchenKey
3Fairy TaleStudio apartment in a big cityHairbrush
4HorrorAuditoriumLength of rope
5MysterySewerPendant and necklace
6ThrillerHighway tollboothPotted plant
7ComedyFarm fieldTablet computer
8FantasyPawn shopFountain pen
9Ghost StoryMarshDecorative pillow
10SuspenseTulip fieldVacuum cleaner
JCrime CaperTrunk of a carBouquet of roses
QAction/AdventureToolshed / Utility closetA stray sock
KHistorical FictionShopping mallSuitcase

And here are the cards I drew this month:

Flash Fiction Draw for July 2021: Three playing cards are shown, a 7 of clubs, a Jack of hearts, and a 10 of diamonds, with the words "comedy," "trunk of a car," and "vacuum cleaner" superimposed over the image.

Well, that’s certainly an interesting combination. But you know, I was hoping “comedy” and “trunk of a car” would come up together. Horror and car trunk just seems too on the nose, after all.

So there we have it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a 1,000-word (max) story by next Tuesday, July 13, specifically:

  • a comedy,
  • set in the trunk of a car,
  • including a vacuum cleaner.

Drop a link to your story in the comments below, or send it by email, or leave me a tweet, and I’ll post all the links next week.

OK, I think I’ve already got my first line. Good luck!